Below we’ve provided a bit of our services, BOOST Token, and few others.

How to install Metamask/TrustWallet

How Deposite BNB To Metamask?
Install Web3 Wallet?

How to invest BOOST?

To start using the miner - connect your wallet to BOOST Miner DAPP.
Enter the amount of BOOST you with to spend & Click "Approve BOOST" button.
Enter the amount in BOOST to hire miners & Click "Hire BOOST" button.
Compound Miners - You can reinvest the profit and get even more profit! 🤑
Pocket your BOOST - Withdraw your earnings profit.

What happens when I activate Staking?

When you activate staking, your BOOSTS gets locked into the BoostVpn Binance smart chain contract and rewards you with "Up To" 240%+ APR.
Miners is a "Function" it is Not a Token. You receive income from a smart contract on the terms proposed in the tariff plan

Can I take my initial Boost back?

Over Time! Miners are not bought, Miners are mined therefore they can't be sold. Once Miners are mined they work for you indefinitely, providing you with an unlimited amount of BOOST at a starting rate of 10% month

How do referrals work?

Once your BSC wallet is connected to the $BOOST Dapp, you will notice your referral address appear at the bottom of the page. When a new user hires miners after clicking your personal referral link, the contract will send a BOOST value equal to 10% instantly to your BOOST Miners. Be smart, use it to buy Miners and build yourself a stream of income.

How can I buy a token?

It is possible to purchase a token by connecting a metamask wallet or trust wallet, which you will first need to replenish for further storage of boost coins
We have compiled some instructions on how to do this, please read it.
After replenishing your wallet with bnb cryptocurrency in the bep-20 network (Binance Smart Chain), you will be able to purchase the tokens you need, thanks to which in the future you will be able to be part of our community
However, if you are a private investor, at the moment we have a seed investment and you can become a private investor with a long-term holding under the staking program on favorable terms
For additional questions, you can contact the specialists in our social networks

Where can I exchange cryptocurrency?

To purchase our token, either Binance or an exchange that supports Binance Smart Chain is suitable for you.
However, if you are wondering how you can sell our cryptocurrency, so at the pre-sale stage we do not place our assets on exchanges, after passing the public sale stage, we plan to list as part of our product roadmap
At the moment you can store our cryptocurrency and use it as a tool in our ecosystem, in the future we will open access to the exchange market when the right period comes in our update

What guarantees?

We sent our token for multiple audits with some opinion leaders, you can read the reports on the main page of the site.
We also ask you to read our roadmap and tokenomics, thanks to the information provided, you can learn more about the structure of our powerful infrastructure, which we have already released on some products in beta testing, which means that we are serious about our intentions
However, let's look at our products in more detail.
Have you downloaded our vpn device? Do you know how many people in the world can theoretically use it
Our ecosystem has many products, if you become part of our system, you will help us all to popularize them, and thanks to this, the ideas of our idea will become realizable and your bets on our project will be profitable.

What are the ways to buy?

At the moment, we can offer you a secure and open purchase option using the binance smart chain blockchain We are currently developing other payment methods, however, you can purchase advertising tokens for fiat currency and convert them into boosts on our platforms

Educational materials?

Yes, we have educational materials that we have presented on our websites.
You can go to our gitbbook for more details on presentations and tutorials.

Should I be a crypto expert?

No it's not necessary
To use vpn, you don’t even need to own boost tokens, all financial processes will proceed on their own, however, if you like our brand and want to become a member of its community, then you can familiarize yourself with our guides and start popularizing our boost cryptocurrency

Referral Program?

We have a referral program
10% referral reward for the purchase of tokens in the binance smart chain blockchain is included for the token ecosystem
We provided additional rewards in the freeboost system in the form of a 33% referral program from each participant in the freeboost system.
Additionally, there is an incentive staking program that gives the sponsor 5% of the partner's deposit in the staking boost


At the moment, video materials are being created for our products. We try to publish everything on social networks and you can find the next videos on YouTube

Support Devices?

Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux


IP change
Change DNS
DNS Encryption
Zero traffic logs
SOCKS5 web proxy
Change browser fingerprint
Secure WiFi
Burglary protection
Safe torrents
kill switch
DNS leak blocking
IPv6 leak blocking
Blocking WebRTC
Hiding a VPN
Changing the time zone
DoubleVPN VPN + TOR* Unlimited traffic
Maximum Level Encryption
Unlimited speed and bandwidth
Domain system leak protection Malware, phishing and ad blocker
Zero traffic logs
Torrent allowed
OpenVPN/WG/SSTP/IPSec OpenConnect SSL based VPN
Hidden proxy
No logs, 100% privacy DNS leak protection AES-256-bit encryption NAT firewall Support UDP and TCP TLS Multiple GCM and CBC ciphers
Maximum Level Encryption
Unlimited speed and bandwidth
Secure Applications
Excellent privacy and security features
Blocking ads, malware and phishing attempts
Complete IP masking No data is written to the hard disk, which ensures security No connection or activity logs Split tunneling
Not subject to any mandatory data retention laws
P2P protection
Fast and reliable connections
Many international locations
2048-bit encryption
Super fast surfing speed


Yes, learn our protection methods and try our program, rest assured, we are only here to improve your internet access!